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Viola sororia

Welcome to Wild Violet Natural Specialties. We choose the name for a variety of reasons. The Common Meadow Violet (Viola sororia) is the state flower of New Jersey. It was first brought before the state Legislator on Haddonfield's 200th birthday in 1913 but wasn't official until 1971. We typically call them wild violets and they are pervasive in our state. They dig their roots deep and are a pennenial flower, just like our tenatious little store. Our desire is to last a long time and serve Haddonfield and the surrounding communities in Camden County.

The Wild Violet plant can be used for food and has medicinal uses as well. The flowers and leaves are quite edible, in fact, we have a little Wild Violet Cookbook available at the store. The Cherokee used it to treat colds and headaches. C.S. Rafinesque, in his Medical Flora (1828-30) wrote that Americans at the time used the plant for coughs, sore throats and constipation.

John, Anne, Jessica, Veronica

John and Anne (Carr) Picking both moved to Haddonfield as children in the sixties and graduated HMHS in 1976 and 1979 respectively. They married in 1981 and have lived in Southern New Jersey but did not return to Haddonfield until 2010. In the meantime they had six children. The oldest, Jessica, is the manager of Wild Violet Natural Specialties. She has worked in the health food industry for almost a decade and has studied natural healing for a few years before that. Anne and Jessica are the principle proprietor's with John and youngest daughter, Veronica, also minding the store.

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